Verone Thomas

Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District

My name is Verone Thomas. I'm a local business man and community activist from Lake Charles, LA. I am also a Navy Veteran. I believe it's time to send some one to Washington, whom is not a part of the on going corruption, that hinders politicians from delivering the wishes of their constituents. My plan is to fix our infrastructure and build a "New Mass Transit System". It's time to put America's Homeland as a priority.

My campaign is simple, I don't have a PAC I don't have a Super PAC, but I do have a plan to uplift America and put it back on the pedestal it once was on. The reality is now, we must stop procrastinating and put in the work that this country needs. The future of the world depends on our actions. So I suggest you put a Congressman in office that's ready to work.

There are so many issues that affect our lives as American citizens from America's crumbling infrastructure all the way to our policies involving foreign affairs. Solutions by our elected leaders have presented themselves to be invisible. Promises have continued to go unanswered and the respect for the will of the people is in the background fighting to be recognized. Louisiana needs a Congressman that can put prosperity and the economic freedom of Louisiana into the right perspective.